Inpatient Behavioral Health Programs in Orlando, FL

Find relief for your acute mental or behavioral health issues by seeking treatment at Central Florida Behavioral Hospital. We offer several inpatient behavioral health programs in Orlando, FL, to help patients work through their current situation while providing a structured environment for recovery. Our inpatient programs are designed to promote the highest level of cognitive, social, physical, and emotional development in individuals. Some of the specific inpatient care we offer includes:

Preparing for Treatment

When arriving for treatment at our facility, our licensed mental health professionals will perform a no-cost mental health evaluation to determine the level of care you require. From the results of this evaluation, the physicians of Central Florida Behavioral Hospital can develop your individualized treatment plan. Typically these treatments include group, family, and individual therapy, medication management, and long-term planning. To learn more about our mental health programs, or to schedule an evaluation, reach out to our office.

Serving Patients of All-Ages

At our hospital, we offer programs that are designed to treat patients of all ages. We provide care for both general and mature adults as well as more specialized programs for adolescent and pediatric mental health. This way, our patients can more easily receive the individualized treatment they need, giving them the highest possible chance of developing positive habits to overcome their issues.

Continuous Care

The staff at Central Florida Behavioral Hospital are here to help whenever you need it. There are licensed mental health professionals available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, who are ready to assist at any time. By offering our assistance at all times, you or your loved one can access our psychiatric services when you require them the most.

Contact us to learn more about our inpatient care or to schedule a psychiatric assessment today. We proudly serve patients in Orlando, FL, and surrounding areas.

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