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What should I bring with me as a patient?2018-12-10T07:17:23-05:00
  • Three complete outfits (please remove all strings)
  • Two sleep outfits
  • Three pairs of underwear
  • Two bras (no underwire)
  • One pair of shoes (please remove laces)
Can I bring my own toiletries?2018-12-10T07:16:32-05:00

Central Florida Behavioral Hospital will provide all toiletries needed for your stay. To assist in maintaining the security of all patients, toiletries from home are not permitted.

Can I use tobacco products while in treatment?2018-12-10T07:15:26-05:00

Central Florida Behavioral Hospital is a smoke-free campus, which includes electronic cigarettes. However, physicians can prescribe nicotine patches for your comfort while in the hospital.

Should I bring my prescription medication?2018-12-10T07:14:31-05:00

Yes, please bring any prescription medications that you are currently taking. This ensures that our treatment team has correct medication doses and pharmacy information should we have any questions.

How soon will I see a physician?2018-12-10T07:13:25-05:00

Patients that are admitted to a program at Central Florida Behavioral Hospital will see both a psychiatrist and an internal medical physician within 24 hours of admission.

Will my insurance cover my hospital stay?2018-12-10T07:12:37-05:00

Central Florida Behavioral Hospital is contracted with most insurance companies including Medicare and Tricare. Our financial counselors are available to all patients upon admission.

Do patients have telephone access?2018-12-10T07:11:43-05:00

To protect the confidentiality of our patients, we do not allow direct inbound phone calls to patient phones. Patients may place outbound calls when their treatment schedule permits.

When can I visit my loved ones?2018-12-10T07:10:45-05:00

Central Florida Behavioral Hospital understands the importance of being able to visit loved ones during an inpatient hospital stay. Upon admission, patients and families will receive their visiting days and times.

Why can’t I have access to all of my belongings?2018-12-10T07:10:10-05:00

Due to the nature of our facility and the populations we serve, there are certain restrictions in place to promote security for all persons served at our facility. Many items are permitted in your room, but some have been deemed a possible risk or a distraction to therapy and are restricted or not permitted.

How do I refer a patient to Central Florida Behavioral Hospital?2018-12-10T07:09:17-05:00

Referrals can be made 24/7 by calling 407-370-0111. Patients may make appointments or walk-in to Central Florida Behavioral Hospital.

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