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A Commitment To Excellence

Central Florida Behavioral Hospital helps individuals with mental health and substance abuse issues gain the skills needed to walk down the path to recovery. Our nine-acre campus provides patients with a therapeutic environment that is serene, homelike, and full of space for healing and growth.

Since 2008, we’ve offered inpatient and outpatient programs with evidence-based therapies to meet the individual needs of our diverse patients. As an emergency receiving facility, we respond quickly to behavioral health conditions that need immediate care or treatment.

Our mission is to provide the kind of behavioral and mental healthcare that patients recommend to families and friends and that physicians prefer for their patients. We take great pride in our work, and we strive to realize our mission through a commitment to service excellence, employee development, teamwork, compassion, and ethical and fair treatment for all.

Our treatment philosophy is based on a team approach that treats patients with dignity and respect while delivering high-quality care. Our goal is to treat the whole patient with support and care so they can return to their daily lives with improved functioning and a brighter future. With proper help and treatment, people suffering from mental health disorders and co-occurring substance abuse issues have an excellent opportunity for recovery. With this in mind, treatment at Central Florida Behavioral Hospital is founded on these basic principles:

  • Service excellence

  • Continuous improvements in measurable ways

  • Employee development

  • Ethical and fair treatment of all

  • Teamwork

  • Compassion

  • Innovation in service delivery

Our Action Alliance Partnership

The National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention, a public-private partnership, has partnered with Central Florida Behavioral Hospital, to strengthen the country’s clinical capacity to provide innovative suicide prevention and care. The partnership significantly advances one of the central priorities of the Action Alliance – to transform health systems and reduce suicides—and marks Central Florida Behavioral Hospital’s commitment to be at the leading edge of the transformation.

As a proud supporter of the National Action Alliance on Suicide Prevention, Central Florida Behavioral Hospital provides education and resources to the communities we serve. Watch our video below to learn more:

To learn more, please visit the Action Alliance website.

We’re Always Here to Help

Licensed mental health professionals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you or your loved one. To schedule a no-cost assessment or for more information, please call 407-370-0111.

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